I think that's enough radio silence for now.

Hi, remember me? I think I might actually be ready to start writing again. I'm still working a ridiculous amount between jobs uno y dos but why not pile on more to my sense of responsibility and obligation, right?

In the meantime, I'm going to update the lazy man's way: things I bought fairly recently, c/o Instagram.

Jason Wu for Target dress, 50% off! I still haven't had the occasion to wear it yet, though.

Banana Puddin' cupcake from Sugar Mama's Bakeshop. Only on the menu on Wednesdays, highly recommended.

Labradorite crystal necklace from Mana Culture. It came with a helpful card of the "properties" of the crystal. I may not buy into all that, but I liked the way it sparkled and I'll take whatever good juju I can get.

Gold Chrome Slider iPhone case from Incase. Gold on the outside, pink on the inside, makes a decent mirror in a pinch.

Pigasus bank from Open Sky. Because why not?

OMG, Spring, you guys!

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