I Didn't Say It, I Declared It.

I declare blog bankruptcy. I just deleted a whole mess of posts (only 15/96 remain) because I want to take things in a different direction, both in real life and online. I had an inkling to start doing outfit posts but I am just not cut out for fashion blogging - more disposable income would be required, I'm kind of restricted about what I can wear at work and plus I've come to the realization that I just don't care about fashion that much. Don't get me wrong, I love cute clothes and outfits that are put together well. I just don't get caught up the excitement of Fashion Week or the latest designer collections. But what I'm really into: handbags, scarves and wearing as much jewelry as humanly possible (as I type this, I have five huge ass rings on) and my preliminary market research (aka like three of my friends on Twitter) shows that it's that's the kind of niche that people would like to read about.

That said, I want to put more effort into Beyond 6th, I've been taking classes to brush up on my HTML & CSS skills (through Girl Develop It, which I'd highly recommend!), I just started a new job that I absolutely love and I'm back in college so things are in a weird transitional phase right now. So what, who cares? 

Anyone else on Pinterest? This is the Internet thing that I'm all about at the moment. Click the picture to peep my boards & follow me.

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