Librarians: Secret Ninjas

I love this quote, especially as someone who once had aspirations to go to library school (I still might, but baby steps - I have to finish my undergrad first) and believes they are some of the coolest people on the planet:

"They are silent warriors, librarians! They are like ninjas! When someone tries to ban a book—librarians are there! When someone tries to take away YOUR right to read something—librarians are there! Librarians protect books and knowledge, ensuring that it is passed along to future generations—not burned up or destroyed by the flavor-of-the-week political group.

It’s because of these MAD NINJA LIBRARIANS that most of the knowledge of the ancient world was protected and passed to us. Librarians of the past have put it all on the line. They have defied dictators, protected books from fire and thieves
Is it any wonder that in ancient times, librarians had titles like “Scribes of the Double House of Life,” “Learned Men of the Magic Library,” and “Ordaniers of the Universe.”

No, really. They did. I think we should go back to one of these titles, because they are kind of awesome. And I think they should maybe dress like ninjas." - Maureen Johnson

via my lovely friend Sheena's tumblr (I love it so much, she's always posting really great, thought-provoking material - follow if you're not already).

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  1. Bri! Thank you so much! I always wonder if what I post on Tumblr is just me being crazy and not making sense, haha. :)